Creating Rich Text

This section describes some features of CKEditor that allow you to create truly rich content.

A document written in an advanced online editor like CKEditor can utilize the best of the two worlds: the desktop environment and the Internet. The text you write can be formatted and styled like in a desktop word processor, with font variants, styles, and sizes, block quotes, alignment, or indentation. However, do not forget to make use of the enormous possibilities of the Internet. CKEditor brings with it the whole spectrum of new media that can be inserted into your documents to enrich them and create truly new quality.

In CKEditor the rich text features are grouped together on the toolbar. Most of them are simple buttons that turn the function on when you click them or open an appropriate dialog window.

For general information on using dialog windows please refer to the Dialog Windows section of the User's Guide.

Rich text buttons grouped on CKEditor toolbar

Check some of the elements that can be inserted into your texts:

important note
Since some of these elements require additional server-side applications and permissions, not all of them may be available for a given CKEditor installation. If you have any doubts about their availability, contact your system administrator.
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