Text Layout

Text layout determines the structure of your document. Advanced capabilities in changing text layout is what distinguishes CKEditor from a standard form text area or a basic editor. Text alignment and indentation, adding horizontal lines and block-level elements, all take seconds and one mouse click.

In CKEditor the text layout features are grouped together on the toolbar. Most are simple buttons that turn the layout option on and off when you click them.

Text layout buttons grouped on CKEditor toolbar.

Try experimenting with various text layout options available in CKEditor to achieve a unique presentation of your documents. Among the layout features you will find:

  • Text Alignment – sets the alignment of the text. You can choose between Left, Center, Right, and Justify option.
  • Text Indentation – controls the indentation of the text.
  • Block Quote – formats a text fragment as a block quote to distinguish longer quotations from the main text.
  • Div Container – sets the block of text as a div container that can be formatted with CSS style properties.
  • Horizontal Line – inserts a horizontal rule into the text to divide it into well-defined sections.

To read more about a particular CKEditor text layout option and see some usage examples, click the name of the feature in the list above.

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