The CustomStles feature will allow you to add your own Styles into the "Styles" menu. You may define as many styles as you want due to your needs. Adding a new style is very easy. An example will show you how to do it properly:

Example: you want to create a new style called: "MY STYLE 1" which will have the following attributes:

  • the style should apply to the 'Heading 2' (h2) format
  • the font color is 'Blue'
  • the background color is 'Red'

To add your custom style "MY STYLE 1" add the below code to the fckconfig.js file:

FCKConfig.CustomStyles = 
'Red Title' : { Element : 'h3', Styles : { 'color' : 'Red' } },
'MY STYLE 1' : {Element :'h2', Styles : {'color' : 'Blue' , 'background-color' : 'Red' } }

As you may see the syntax of the function is very easy:

  • in '  ' apostrophe you type the name of your style
  • after the colon you type in the definition of your style inside the curly brackets { }
  • Element points to the element you want your style to apply to e.g. h1,h2,h3
  • Style defines the attributes of your own unique style e.g. color, background-color,font-family
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